Alvord Hot Springs

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Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Hot Springs Features

Water Properties

Water temperature (pools): 100°F (38°C) - 104°F (40°C)
Water temperature (sources): 125°F (52°C)170°F (77°C)
Water acidity level: neutral (pH=7.7)
Type of spring: sodium bicarbonate chloride
Chemical used: none


Access allowed: year-round; 24 hours, the roads can be closed due to winter road conditions
Development: partly developed
Clothing: optional
Service: convenience store, restrooms, changing rooms, 2 rustic soaking pools
Accommodations: RV or tent camping
Distance from parking: short
Fee (2016): $5 per person
Elevation: 4080 ft (1244 m)
GPS coordinates: 42.544049,-118.5337201
Address: 46008 Alvord Ranch Lane, Princeton, OR 97721
Phone: (541)589-2282

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A destination for all seasons, Alvord Hot Springs is a stunning location on the southeast side of Oregon. The springs were named after the Alvord Desert that borders on one side but there and the Steens Mountain on the other. This is particularly popular hot spring, probably because of its proximity to a dirt road. Pipes are set up in the creek to bring the hot water into pools for better access to those who wish to soak.

Alvord Hot Springs with two adjoining concrete tanks, one of them with walls and roof, are 10 feet square and 3 feet deep. The water temperature of the covered pool is a few degrees higher.

You will enjoy hot rejuvenating dips in a naturally heated mineral pool with stunning views in each direction. Waters here are unusually pristine and the twin concrete swimming holes provide some privacy. Most visitors wait till dusk to behold legendary views of the moon from the hot springs.

The owners built restrooms, changing room and convenience store. You can buy water, ice, bath towels and propane. Camping is available. The closest motel is located in the town of Fields.

Arsenic level of the mineral water is high than an acceptable drinking standard. Be careful and not to ingest the water.

Directions to Alvord Hot Springs

From Burns drive 65 miles southeast on OR 78 to Folly Farm Road. Turn right onto the Folly Farm Road and follow 2.5 miles, then continue 39 miles via Fields-Denio Road towards to Fields (the road is partially gravel).


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