Snively Hot Springs – Eastern Oregon

Snively Hot Springs

Snively Hot Springs is an excellent location to enjoy natural soaking on the bank of the Owyhee River that flows through colorful walls of the Owyhee River Canyon. This destination has gained the great attention because of the fantastic views from the pools and proximity to a highway. The hot…

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Mickey Hot Springs – Eastern Oregon

Mickey Hot Springs Pool

Located on the northern end of the Alvord Desert, Mickey Hot Springs are a series of small thermal systems, that can mostly dry up during dry seasons. After wet years and rainfall, the springs transform into an active thermal area with mud pots, steam vents, and the only natural geyser…

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Fisher Hot Springs – Southeastern Oregon

Fisher Hot Springs

Fisher Hot Springs provide a great secluded soaking opportunity for hot water lovers who prefer calmness and isolation. Located on the southeastern edge of Warner Valley in the high desert at 4,500 feet above sea level, this remote location offers a gorgeous view of hills, Hart Mountain, and the picturesque stretch of the…

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Lithia Springs Resort – Southern Oregon

Lithia Springs

Lithia Springs Resort, located 3 miles from downtown Ashland in the Rogue Valley, offers a unique Oregon experience with a touch of luxury. Deep beneath the ground rain and spring water mixed and warmed. Mineral water of Lithia Springs comes at the Earth’s surface at 90° Fahrenheit with a rich mineral…

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Hot Lake Resort – Eastern Oregon

Hot Lake Resort

Hot Lake Resort is located 8.4 miles southeast of La Grande in the southern part of the Grande Ronde Valley of Union County. A historic hotel, an example of the Colonial Revival style, was built over 150 years ago. Hot Lake Resort has a long and fascinated history of prosperity and decline.…

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Hot Springs Map

Hot Springs

Hot Springs Map Geothermal Springs are listed on the Oregon Hot Springs Map. Click on the markers to find out more.  Cascades Bagby Hot Springs Belknap Hot Springs Breitenbush Hot Springs Cougar (Terwilliger) Hot Springs Deer Creek (Bigelow) Hot Springs McCredie Hot Springs Umpque Hot Springs Southeast Oregon Alvord Hot Springs…

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Crystal Crane Hot Springs – Eastern Oregon

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Crystal Crane Hot Springs is a rustic resort on 160 acres, located 25 miles southeast of Burns at the edge of the Alvord Desert. These natural mineral springs are a perfect spot to soak and relax while enjoying a panoramic view of the sagebrush desert and the fairly low southeastern Oregon sky. Crystal…

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Alvord Hot Springs – Eastern Oregon

Alvord Hot Springs

A destination for all seasons, Alvord Hot Springs in Harney County is a stunning location on the southeastern edge of the Oregon state. The springs were named after the Alvord Desert that borders it on the east side. On the west, you will enjoy a stunning view of Steens Mountain that tower from the…

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Hunters Hot Springs – Central Oregon

Hunters Hot Springs

Just a couple miles of the Lakeview town, Hunters Hot Springs Resort was built around hot springs that were discovered in 1832 by trappers. Hunters Hot Springs Resort or Geyser Hunters Hot Springs Resort is well known for its Old Perpetual Geyser that erupted every 1-2 minutes, depending on the seasonal water…

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Summer Lake Hot Springs – Central Oregon

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs is a great and secluded place to visit if you’re looking for a cabin experience that is well in tune with nature. There are many cabins that are located all around the Summer Lake Hot Springs area. There is an outdoor set of pools that are…

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