Finders Keepers

Finders keepers

Finders Keepers in Lincoln City

Lincoln City provides prizes - handcrafted glass floats for beachcombers. From mid-October to Memorial Day, nearly 3,000 glass floats are distributed along seven miles of the public city's beaches, from Roads End on the north to Siletz Bay on the south.
Handcrafted by Oregon Coast glass artists, each numbered floats are placed everyday (except during storms) on the beaches above the high-tide line. Not needs to dig or climb to find them.
Hunt for a coastal treasure. If you find it, give a call at 800-421-2151 or register at the Visitors' Center at 540 NE Highway 101, and you'll receive a Certificate of Authenticity.  Some floats are eligible for a special prize.

300 Antique Japanese floats will be placed on the beach during Antique Week.
14 red, heart-shaped glass pieces will be hidden on the beach during Valentine’s Day.

Finds Keepers

Finds Keepers

Finds Keepers

7.5 miles from Roads End on the north to Siletz Bay on the south
Lincoln City • Oregon • 97367
Fees: free

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