McCredie Hot Springs – Cascade Mountains

McCredie Hot Springs

McCredie Hot Springs

McCredie Hot Springs

McCredie Hot Springs

McCredie Hot Springs

McCredie Hot Springs

McCredie Hot Springs are located along Salt Creek near Oregon Route Highway 58, approximately one hour away from Eugene. In the past, McCredie Hot Springs was a popular resort, but in 1958 the hotel burned to the ground, and later in 1964 a flood washed out the bridge and swimming pool.

McCredie Hot Springs Features

Water temperature: 100°F (38°C) to 160°F(71°C)
Water acidity level: neutral (pH=7.4)
Type of spring: strong sodium and calcium chloride
Average dissolved solids: 2650 ppm
Chemical used: none


Access allowed: year-round, day use
Development: undeveloped
Clothing: optional
Service: no services are available except for a toilet on the north side of the springs
Blue Pool Campground is located 0.5 miles west of the hot springs
Motels or hotels in Oakridge - 10 miles west
Distance from parking: north side: 0.1 miles; south side: 0.5 miles
Fees: none
Elevation: 2064 ft (629 m)
GPS coordinates:
north side: 43.706902, -122.289823
south side: 43.705470, -122.288181

Video. Driving Directions

Though McCredie Hot Springs are undeveloped now, this spot is known and loved because of easy accessibility, as well as the hot temperature of the water. The area is located on the USFS lands, has a free parking, and is opened from sunrise to sunset. There are hot springs on both sides of Salt Creek.

The water temperature can be extremely high from 100°F (38°C) to 160°F(71°C), and sometimes you need to cool it by adding river water.

McCredie Hot Springs

McCredie Hot Springs

McCredie Hot Springs

Directions to McCredie Hot Springs

Follow I-5 to OR-58. Take exit 188 in Eugene, and follow highway OR-58 east for about 46 miles to McCredie Hot Springs. The north side of the McCredie Hot Springs is located near OR-58.

To reach the south side of the hot springs, drive 0.5 miles southeast to Shady Gap Road. Turn onto Shady Gap Road, cross the bridge, turn right onto NF-5875, and park your car near a trailhead on the right. The pools are located roughly 10 minutes away from the trailhead. A trail runs downstream along the Salt Creek.



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