Belknap Hot Springs – Cascade Mountains

Belknap Hot Springs

Situated along the McKenzie River 58 miles east of Eugene, Belknap Hot Springs have two appealing concrete swimming pools with mineral water. The water in swimming pools is maintained at 92°F (33°C) in summer and 102°F (39°C) in winter. Located across the McKenzie River, a source of hot springs is…

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Terwilliger Hot Springs – Cascade Mountains

Terwilliger Hot Springs

Terwilliger Hot Springs, also known as Cougar Hot Springs, is a day-use only location that is open from sunrise to sunset during the week. Set in the heart of the Willamette National Forest, the springs can only be found by a trail. The quarter-mile trail to the hot springs is easy and…

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Breitenbush Hot Springs – Cascade Mountains

Breitenbush Hot Springs

Breitenbush Hot Springs Features Water Properties Water temperature (pools): 101°F (38°C) to 109°F(43°C) Water temperature (source): 180°F (82°C) Water acidity level: neutral (pH=7.3) Type of spring: strong sodium chloride Average dissolved solids: 2650 ppm Chemical used: none ___________ Access allowed: year-round; for day use from 9 am to 6 pm (reservation required) Development: retreat and Conference Center,…

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