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State Capitol Salem, Oregon

State Capitol Salem

Salem Oregon

Salem Oregon


No matter if you live in Salem, Oregon, or plan to visit in the near future, the city of Salem has so many fantastic opportunities for those looking for nature, fun and excitement.

Salem is the capital of Oregon, and represents the Marion County. The city is positioned perfectly, located less than 50 miles from Portland, an hour away from the Cascade Mountains to the east, and the Pacific Ocean beaches to the west. So, you have ample opportunities regardless of what you’re interested in. The city is located along the Willamette River, which forms a natural boundary between the Marion and Polk Counties. Salem was named after the Hebrew word shalom or Arabic salam which translates to peace. The city embodies the word with calm and peaceful outdoor recreation in all directions.

A Brief History of Salem, Oregon

Historians believe that the area of Salem has been occupied for over 10,000 years. The current downtown area was a common meeting ground for the native Kalapuya peoples looking to set up camp for the winter. The river was used for fishing and harvesting. During the mid 19th century, native people were forced off their native lands to reservations.

The state of Oregon has changed capitals a few times, with Salem becoming the capital after Oregon City. In 1855 it was moved to Corvallis then back to Salem within a brief few months. When Oregon became officially recognized as a state in 1859, Salem became its permanent capital city and has remained the representative to this day.


Salem, Oregon is the perfect mix of rich history and breathtaking nature. Positioned in the Willamette Valley, this capital city is the perfect choice for a fantastic vacation, or for locals to take advantage of the amazing opportunities right in their backyard.

Attractions & Recreation in Salem, Oregon

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