Agate Festival – Yachats

Agate Festival

Yachats offers stunning miles of enchanting beaches and old-growth rainforest that kisses the rocky coastline.

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Agate Festival

Agate Festival

Agate Festival

Where: Yachats • Oregon Coast • 97498
When: The second weekend of January annually

Among the various activities that the Oregon Coast offers, the agate hunting is the simplest and most enjoyable. While low on monetary value, agates can be used to create stunning jewelry and decorative pieces. The Annual Yachats Agate Festival features spectacular agates, minerals, gems, crystals, and fossils.

The agate festival in Yachats provides great learning opportunities for all ages. Bring the kids under 12 to search for agates in the sandbox, take three favorites pieces home.

Oregon Coast Agate Club will also be joining in with demonstrations and club displays.

Presented by Planet Yachats and sponsored by the Yachats Area Chamber of Commerce.
Yachats Commons, 441 Highway 101, Yachats, OR

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