Beulah Reservoir & Hot Springs – Eastern Oregon

Beulah Reservoir

Beulah Reservoir, also known as Agency Valley, is situated 15 miles north of the small town of Juntura in the Agency Valley at 3600-foot elevation.

The 110-foot-high an earthfill  Agency Valley Dam on the North Fork of the Malheur River was completed in 1935. With the total capacity of 59,000 acre-feet, the reservoir received drainage from 440 square miles, mostly from the North Fork of the Malheur River, and covers 1900 acres of the valley. No hydroelectric power is generated here.

The shoreline of the reservoir is Bureau of Land Management land. The Malheur County maintains a concrete boat ramp, a gravel parking area, and a vault restroom just above the dam. Beulah Reservoir provides the great opportunities for recreation including fishing, boating, water-skiing, camping, rockhounding, and even soaking in hot springs.

There are campgrounds and facilities for launching and mooring boats, but no camping improvements. Also, camping is available in the Chukar Park Recreation Site.



The reservoir is open for angling year-round. It is stocked a few times a year with hatchery rainbow trout, also local whitefish, Dolly Varden and redband trouts are available.

Beulah Hot Springs

Beulah ReservoirBeulah Hot Springs is located northeast of reservoir. Currently, it does not offer a great soaking due to the bathtub is corroded and hoses hardly transfer the hot mineral water from the source. However, this location is captivated visitors with its colorful geothermal pool and stunning natural beauty.


Rockhounding for fossilized leaves, fish fossils, agate, and jasper is available on the southeastern shore of the reservoir.

Chukar Park Recreation Site

A developed campground for tents, RVs or trailers along the North Fork of the Malheur River, Chukar Park Recreation Site is managed byChukar Park - Beulah Reservoir BLM. The park is located 6 miles north of Highway 20 and 9 miles south of  Beulah Reservoir.

Access allowed: Year-round
Service: toilets, potable water, picnic tables, fire rings, boat ramp
Fees: Yes for parking
Accommodations: 18 campsites
Camping reservation: First come - first served

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The gravel road is good but it is advised that visitors opt for a 4x4 drive during rainy or snowy seasons. The camping and soaking are for free. Beulah still needs a lot of re-engineering to become more convenient and comfortable for visitors, but if someone is looking for an isolated, magnificent area to enjoy all activities it offers, then this is the place to visit.

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