Astoria-Megler Bridge – Oregon Coast

Astoria Megler Bridge

Spanning the Columbia River fourteen miles of its mouth, the impressive Astoria-Megler Bridge, also known as Columbia River (Astoria) Bridge connects the western part of Astoria and Point Ellice in the state of Washington. The bridge became the final segment of Highway 101 in the continuous route between the Mexican and…

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Astoria Riverfront Trolley – Oregon Coast

Astoria Riverfront Trolley Old 300

A vivid picture of history, Astoria Riverfront Trolley “Old 300” offers a guided hour-long ride (round trip) along the waterfront of the Columbia River and Astoria Riverfront Walk through the oldest Oregon town. This is a signature trolley that was built by the American Car Company in 1913 for the San Antonio Traction Company…

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Peter Iredale Shipwreck – Fort Stevens State Park

Peter Iredale Shipwreck

A landmark of the North Oregon Coast, the ghostlike Peter Iredale Shipwreck ran ashore on Clatsop Spit, south of the Columbia River channel on October 25, 1906. Located within Fort Stevens State Park, the wreckage is considered one of the most accessible and long-lasting in the world. The mouth of Columbia River is…

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Drift Creek Covered Bridge – Oregon Coast

Drift Creek Covered Bridge

The oldest of the remaining covered bridges in Oregon, the Drift Creek Covered Bridge, was constructed south of Lincoln City in 1914 over the Drift Creek on the main road along the Oregon Coast. The bridge was destroyed by floods in the 1930s and later in 1933 rebuilt. By this time the American road system…

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Total Solar Eclipse 2017 will Hit Oregon

Solar Eclipse Oregon

The world’s greatest natural phenomena, the solar eclipse is coming to the United States on August 21, 2017, creating a 90-mile wide total pathway in Oregon before sweeping to Idaho, Idaho, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Vermont, and Maine. The next total solar eclipse will hit North America through states…

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Sea Lion Caves – Central Oregon Coast

Sea Lion Caves

The privately owned since 1932 wildlife preserve, Sea Lion Caves is a part of the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve. Made from Basalt Rock, the grotto has the height of a 12-story building (125-foot) and the floor size of a football field (two acres). The world’s largest Sea Lion Caves is located…

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Simpson Reef & Shell Island – Oregon Coast

Cape Arago State Park

Part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Simpson Reef, Shell Island, and the surrounding rocks and reefs are the largest haul-out for marine mammals on the Oregon Coast. Due to the reefs and islands are breeding and resting areas for sea lions, seals, and seabirds, they are closed to public access at…

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Spouting Horn & Thor’s Well at Cook’s Chasm

Spouting Horn

Cook’s Chasm Over a long period of time, pounding waves steadily widened a fracture in the rocks forming Cook’s Chasm. The edge of the chasm was undercut, creating a cave. Finally, the top of the cave collapsed, setting the stage for the Spouting Horn. At high tide, you can see the…

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Cape Perpetua Scenic Area – Oregon Coast

Cape Perpetua

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is the best destination near Yachats, located in the Siuslaw National Forest. It is 2,700 acres of old growth forests that extend along the coast. The name derives from the English explorer Captain Cook’s when he sighted off the promontory on St. Perpetua’s Day (March 7, 1778).  Cape Perpetua…

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