Civil War Reenactment and Living History – Fort Stevens State Park

Fort Stevens Civil War Reenacment

Located 10 miles west of Astoria and near Warrenton, Fort Stevens was built in 1864 and remained an active military reservation until 1947...
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Where: Fort Stevens State Park • Warrenton • Oregon • 97103
When: The Labor Day weekend annually

Soak up in history by traveling back to 1863. The 3-day Civil War Reenactment event in Fort Stevens State Park recreates appearance the American Civil War - several live battles, militarian and civilian lives during the mid-1900s.

There are medical demonstrations, church services, infantry, battles, artillery, cavalry, sutlers, and military camps. Reenactment participants create the visual format of living history providing opportunities to learn more about the country and its past.

During the long weekend, you will meet the President Abraham Lincoln, see a fashion show, listen in on fife and drum practice, and watch the field artillery demonstrations.

Leave your pets at home.

Fort Stevens State Park.
Hammond, Warrenton, OR
Fees: Day-use parking

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