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Coos Bay

Coos Bay

Coos Bay

Coos Bay

Coos Bay, located 110 miles north of the California border and 115 miles southwest of Eugene, lies next to the Oregon largest, natural water port.

Many people claim that their love for this city is mainly because there are natural attractions everywhere you go. By the sea, smells of salt air and the cries of gulls make a great combination for one trying to get absorbed in the surroundings. A simple stroll down the beach is enough to help you relax but there is so much more to do in Coos Bay.

On a tour of Coos Bay, it would be great to go to the Coos Bay Iron Works, which was opened in 1882 and, still produces logging equipment today. To learn more about the captivating Coos Bay on the Oregon Coast, you should visit the local art museum. Coos Bay Art Museum is housed in a historic post office, has been in existence since 1950 and anyone can go in for a lecture, tour or whatever community event they might be hosting.

Drive via Cape Arago Highway and enjoy the natural beauty of Bastendorff Beach County Park, Sunset Bay, Shore Acres, and Cape Arago State Parks.

Coos Bay

Region: South Oregon Coast, U.S.
County: Coos
Founded: 1853
Incorporated: 1874
Population (2015): 16,182
Area: 15.90 mile2 (41.18 km2)
Elevation:  23 ft (7 м)
GPS Coordinates: 43.3699, -124.212
Zip Code: 97420

Average Winter T°: 47°F (8.3°C)
Average Summer T° 59°F (15°C)

Coos Bay History

Coos Bay, the largest city on the Oregon Coast, was established in the 1850’s as Marshfield, the Massachusetts birthplace of the town’s founder, J.C. Tolman. In 1944 the town was renamed to Coos Bay by a vote of residents to match its most prominent geographic landmark Coos Bay. The word Coos came from one of the native tribes and it has two meanings - places of pines and lake.



Coos Bay Attractions

Coos Art Museum
The Coos Art Museum is the third oldest museum in Oregon and showcases historic years from the Native American settlement to the port development and more. Hours: Tuesday - Friday from 10 am to 4 pm.

235 Anderson Avenue

Coos BayCoos History Museum & Maritime Collections
Open in the spring of 2015, the Coos History Museum creates a better understanding of life in Coos County and Oregon’s South Coast, from 15,000 BP to present. Hours: Tuesdays - Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm.

1210 N. Bayshore

Coos Bay Boardwalk
The Coos Bay Boardwalk allows you to enjoy breathtaking waterfront views with an abundance of benches and picnic tables, as well as restaurants and stores in and around the waterfront. Take a historical walk along the bay to capture the area’s hidden secrets from past and present.

Egyptian Theatre
The historic Egyptian Theatre hosts movies and events.

229 S. Broadway

Oregon Coast Historical Railway Museum
Present a historical steam engine, caboose, and railroad equipment. Hours: Wednesday - Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm.

766 S. 1st Street

Oregon Connection/House Myrtlewood
The House Myrtlewood offers a tour of a Myrtlewood factory, where you can learn how a Myrtlewood log gets fashioned into bowls, tables, clocks, etc. No admission is charged.

1125 S. 1st Street

Empire District
For over 40 years Empire City was the seat of Coos County government. This area offers good clamming and a public boat ramp.

The Bay Area Events

Oregon Coast Music Festival takes place in mid-July.
Charleston Seafood Festival is held in Charleston the second weekend of August.
Blackberry Arts Festival is held in Coos Bay at the end of August.
Oregon Shorebird Festival is hosted in Charleston during the last week of August.
Prefontaine Memorial Run takes place in mid-September.
Holiday Lights at Shore Acres take place between Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.

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