Oregon Hot Springs

Breitenbush Hot Springs

Soaking in Oregon Hot Springs is a great way to kick back and relax at the magnificent natural recreation spots. Whether you’re looking for a comfy outdoor setting or simply want to shut your eyes and feel content, these locations are definitely worth a visit.

Choosing between public and private spaces at Oregon Hot Springs

When it comes to deciding on which areas of Oregon Hot Springs you wish to explore, it can be useful to consider whether you are more interested in visiting more public or private locations. Naturally, there are benefits to both. Public springs are often great for groups, whereas private bathhouses are more suitable for undisturbed relaxation.

There is a lot of variations to be found at the different spots in Oregon Hot Springs. Whether you’re looking for a place where you feel comfortable removing your clothes, or talking with your friends, or are more interested in a secluded location to have a spa treatment or sit back in a hot bath, they can all be found in the surrounding areas.

Oregon Hot Springs

Oregon Hot Springs Locations to Visit



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Despite the locations that are freely open to the public having fairly relaxed rules and conditions in place, it’s important to always respect the hot springs as they are vital natural resources that are meant to be kept in good condition at all times.

If money is an issue, then you can choose the U.S. Forest Service-owned locations. Those locations are cheap but there are more people and nudity is permitted. If these locations aren’t for you then it’s better to pay a little more for pay-to-soak resorts and private bathhouses such as the ones at Belknap Hot Springs or Bonneville Hot Springs in Washington State which promise a more undisturbed experience.

Outdoor undeveloped hot springs such as McCredie or Deer Hot Springs are accessible all year round.

Reasons to explore the Oregon Hot Springs:

  • Oregon Hot Springs is a collection of beautiful, natural resources that simply cannot be missed when visiting the region, as they are a stunning example of Oregon’s beautiful history.
  • The locations are appealing to all ages, providing romantic locations for couples, party spots for teens and adults, and places for all the family to splash and soak all day long.
  • The health benefits of visiting Oregon Hot Springs are undeniable, as the water quality contains many nourishing minerals for the skin, and the warmth is great for promoting good circulation and decreasing stress.

Oregon Hot Springs are highly recommended travel spots for anyone looking for the perfect place to relax.

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