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North Bend

Located on the north bend of the Bay Area and surrounded by stunning S-shaped Coos Bay, North Bend offers a variety of outdoor activities, cultural and arts experiences.

The North Bend official symbol, picturesque Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge serves as the northern gateway, making a connection between the southern part of the Oregon Dunes Recreational Area and Bay Area. Built in 1936 by Conde McCullough, the bridge, previously the Coos Bay Bridge, is 150 feet high that allows large ships to pass under the bridge. 

There are unlimited options for visitors who are more attracted to nature and outdoor activities such as fantastic views, amazing hiking trails, and campgrounds. Drive via Cape Arago Highway and enjoy the natural beauty of Bastendorff Beach County Park, Sunset Bay, Shore Acres, and Cape Arago State Parks.

You could indulge in several activities like visiting David Dewett Veterans Memorial, Simpson Park or catching a movie at Pony Village Cinema. You can find antique, novelty, and book shops, art galleries, and restaurants in the North Bend downtown. The city hosts the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport that provides commercial passenger and freight services.

North Bend has risen from different historical events to become a popular spot with visitors who come in for some amazing experiences. The city has several hotels, restaurants, and spots for cheap eats as you explore.


North Bend

Region: South Oregon Coast, U.S.
County: Coos
Founded: 1853
Incorporated: 1903
Population (2015): 9,673
Area: 5.09 mile2 (13.18 km2)
Elevation:  41 ft (12 м)
GPS Coordinates: 43.4068, -124.224
Zip Code: 97459

Average Winter T°: 47°F (8.3°C)
Average Summer T° 59°F (15°C)

North Bend Facts

North Bend was incorporated as a city in 1903 but there is a rich history behind it. Before the Europeans came, North Bend, as we know, was the territory of Native American tribes. In 1579, Sir Francis Drake allegedly sought shelter for this his ship but the area gained attention after the stranding of another ship in 1851. Gold prospectors came to North Bend in droves. Many people were drawn to the area full of natural wonders including sprawling meadows, stunning views of the landscape, and majestic rivers that make up this city. Indians were forcibly removed from their territory by white settlers in the 1860's.

The early economic activities in the area were lumber harvesting, shipbuilding, coal mining, farming and salmon canning. The most interesting event in the city’s history happened in the 20th century when a crisis led to the temporary closure of the only bank-First National. This led to a major cash flow crisis that city authorities countered by minting money out of Myrtle wood discs printed on a newspaper press. When the bank reopened, people were asked to turn in their myrtle wood money in exchange for the real thing but most people did not heed the call. After 1960's remaining pieces became very valuable due to scarcity and historical interest. Today, only a few sets are believed to be in existence but these are certainly an important part of North Bend City's captivating history.

A trip to North Bend is not only a trip down history lane but also a chance to make amazing memories.

Attractions in North Bend

Coos County Historical Society Museum
Founded in 1891, the Coos County Historical Society is the oldest local historical Society in Oregon.

1220 Sherman, North Bend OR, 97459

Simpson Park
The city park named for the city’s founder Louis J. Simpson. Here you find covered group picnic shelter with fireplace, playground, tennis courts and basketball courts. Merci Box Car is located in the park. North Bend Visitors Center and Coos County Historical Society Museum are nearby. Hours: 6 am to 10 pm daily.

Horsfall Beach
Take a relaxing stroll on Horsfall Beach, known as one of the best beaches to walk on in the western region. Horsfall Beach Campground is ideal for off-road vehicle riders or for visitors looking to take it easy on the beach. Other activities in the area include hiking and horseback riding.

Pony Village Mall
Oregon Coast’s largest enclosed shopping mall is also a must-visit in this town. Hours: 10 am to 8 pm daily.

1611 Virginia Avenue, North Bend, OR 97459

The Bay Area Events

Oregon Coast Music Festival takes place in mid-July.
Charleston Seafood Festival is held in Charleston the second weekend of August.
Blackberry Arts Festival is held in Coos Bay at the end of August.
Oregon Shorebird Festival is hosted in Charleston during the last week of August.
Prefontaine Memorial Run takes place in mid-September.
Holiday Lights at Shore Acres take place between Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.

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