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The Coos Bay, North Bend, and Charleston area are collectively known as the Oregon Bay Area. It is known as being the entrance to absolute recreational, thrilling and flavorful experiences. The town of Coos Bay sits next to the largest natural harbor between San Francisco Bay and Seattle’s Puget Sound. Just seven miles away lay Charleston, a quiet and scenic fishing area surrounded by several marvelous oceanfront parks.

Bay Area Facts

Oregon Bay Area, a beautifully scenic zone is known as Oregon’s adventure spots. The first settlers were native tribes who found an abundance of food and a perfect climate thousands of years ago. They maintained villages along the bay and lived in harmony with nature.

Though Sir Francis Drake found shelter for the Golden Hinge in the south cove of Cape Arago in 1579, but first white permanent settlements were established by associates of the Coos Bay Company in 1853. Gold discoveries and wood products stimulated the economy and population growth. Native Americans were forcibly removed from their land by white settlers in the 1860's.

The bay was first connected to Jacksonville and Roseburg in the 1850’s and is now the world’s largest port for forest product shipping.

The timber industry still plays a major role in the Bay area's economy. Shipping and shipbuilding still take place. After some changes, the area is more diverse than it was in the past. Today, tourism, fishing, and agriculture make a great contribution to the bay's economy.

The Bay Area, with the stunning towns of Coos Bay, North Bend and Charleston are all kissed with a great history and showcase stunning, untouched scenery. Take a trip and enjoy a bit of the simple, quiet and pretty life along the Pacific Ocean, whether it be for outdoor activities, historical and cultural experience.


Points of Interest

Shore AcresThe scenic Shore Acres State Park is located near the end of Cape Arago Highway...

Sunset BaySunset Bay State Park is sheltered cove with a sandy beach is an excellent place for picnicking, boating, swimming...

Cape Arago State ParkSimpson Reef & Shell Island are the largest haul-out for marine mammals on the Oregon Coast...

Cape Arago State ParkCape Arago State Park offers an opportunity for fishing, hiking, watching offshore colonies of seals and sea lions...

Bastendorff BeachBastendorff Beach County Park offers great vistas of the ocean, two miles of beach combing, climbing up into the cave...

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