Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon is an expansive region in the state of Oregon that lies south of Lane County and west of the Cascade Range. It does not, however, include the southern Oregon Coast. The counties covered by this region include Jackson, Douglas, Josephine and Klamath.

Ashland is one of the most famous cities in this region. It is located in Jackson County and has a history dating back to the mid 19th century when new settlers arrived to occupy the area which was previously occupied by the Shasta people.

Another iconic city located in this region is Jacksonville. The city began as a gold rush town after the discovery of the first gold at Rich Gulch in 1851. As was expected, the news of gold discovery triggered massive immigration into the city which consequently displaced the original owners who mainly comprised the Upland Takelma Native American tribe.

Cave Junction is yet another city in this region that is worth a mention. This city is located in Josephine County and was established in 1926 on a piece of land donated by one Elwood Hussey.

Lastly, there is the city of Klamath Falls. This city is located in the Klamath County and like its counterparts, its history dates back to as early as the 18th century. The first inhabitants of this city were the Klamath and the Mordoc Indians.

Southern Oregon is a destination for all seasons with a lot of recreational opportunities. The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway offers spectacular scenery and opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Crater Lake National Park  and Upper Klamath Lake.

There is never a special moment to go shopping while visiting this region. There is a lot at your disposal here, ranging from antiques, curios or just whatever you need to get by. The hospitality of the local people, coupled with the absence of sales tax in Oregon work to make your shopping expedition an experience to remember.

Considering the beauty of Southern Oregon, it is safe to say that even the most cynical person in the world would find a reason or two to hang around this region a little longer. Therefore, make it part of your preferred travel destinations and you may just have found one more reason to live the good life.


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Points of Interest

Crater Lake, Cenrtal Oregon

Crater Lake

Crater Lake National Park is one of the most iconic landscapes of the Southern region of Oregon...

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