Summer Lake Hot Springs – Central Oregon

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs is a great and secluded place to visit if you’re looking for a cabin experience that is well in tune with nature.

There are many cabins that are located all around the Summer Lake Hot Springs area. There is an outdoor set of pools that are actually built nearby natural hot springs so you can sit outsides, simmer in the natural hot spa and enjoy the beautiful desert sunsets. The big indoor swimming pool is located in the original bath house. A two bedroom ranch house featured by "Grotto" piazza with private soaking pools.  The pools are open 24 hours and are always kept at a warm temperature to enjoy always.

There are tent camping sites available for rental to those who want to soak in the energy from the ground and stare up at the stars. What is great about these sites is that you can still take advantage of the natural hot water spring pools the surround the areas.


Summer Lake Hot Springs Features

Access allowed: year-round; day use: 9 am - 7 pm; 24 hours for overnight guests
Development: large indoor pool, outdoor rock pools
Clothing: required before 9 pm; optional after 9 pm (adults only)
Service: massage, yoga, meditations, small workshops.
Accommodations: guest houses, cabins, campground and RV sites
Distance from parking: none
Fees (2016): $10 per a person (day use); children under 6 are free, children from 7 to 15 pay $5
Elevation: 4265 ft (1300 m)
GPS coordinates: 42.7253179, -120.647314
Address: Summer Lake Hot Springs, Oregon 31, Paisley, OR, United States
Phone: (541) 943-3931

Water Properties:

Water temperature (pools): 99°F (37°C) to 104°F(40°C)
Water temperature (source): 113°F (45°C)
Type of spring: sodium and potassium chloride
Average dissolved solids: 1270 ppm
Chemical used: none

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Directions to Summer Lake Hot Springs

From Lakeview: Follow 22.8 miles north on US-395 N to OR 31. Continue 28.3 miles to Summer Lake Hot Springs (on the right).

From Bend: Drive 31 miles on US-97 S to OR-31 S, turn left onto OR-31 S and follow 92 miles to Summer Lake Hot Springs (on the left).

Nearby Points of Interest

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