Umpqua Hot Springs – Cascade Mountains

Umpqua Hot Springs

Umpqua Hot Springs

Umpqua Hot Springs

Umpqua Hot Springs

Umpqua Hot Springs

Umpqua Hot Springs

Umpqua Hot Springs

Umpqua Hot Springs, located next to the North Umpqua River in the southern part of Oregon Cascades, 60 miles east of Roseburg. The hot springs are available 365 days a year. Previously, it was available for use 24 hours a day, but in April 2016 this area becomes a day-use only. Changes were made by USDA Forest Service to help the hot springs recovering from excessive use. It will be effective during the next year.

Umpqua Hot Springs Features

Access allowed: year-round, day use
Development: undeveloped, sheltered pool
Clothing: optional
Service: no services are available except for a toilet
camping is permitted about the trailhead
campground near Toketee Lake
Distance from parking: 0.2 mile
Fee (2016): $5 per vehicle
Elevation: 2640 ft (805 m)
GPS coordinates: 43.2955758, -122.3688868
Address: Umpqua Hot Springs, Douglas County

Water Properties:

Water temperature: 100°F (38°C) to 115°F (46°C)
Water acidity level: weak acidic (pH=6.37)
Type of spring: strong sodium chloride carbonated
Average dissolved solids: 8000 ppm
Chemical used: none

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Umpqua Hot SpringsThere is a very short walk up between the parking area and the hot springs. It is a bit steep and can be slippery, so appropriate shoes should be worn.

The hot springs are nestled on the perch of a cliff, giving a spectacular and memorable viewing point of the river. There are four natural pools on the upper level of the cliff; other three pools cascade down towards to the river. On the bank of the river, you will find grotto and one more pool with the mineral water. Temperatures are ranging from 100°F (38°C) to 115°F (46°C). Mineral water of Umpqua Hot Springs is slightly acidic and contains the highest concentration of dissolved solids among all Cascades mineral water.

Video. Driving Direction

Directions to Umpqua Hot Springs

From I-5 take exit 124 in Roseburg. Follow OR-138 68 miles east to Toketee-Rigdon RD (Forest Road 34). Turn left at milepost 58.4 onto Forest Road 34. Turn left across the concrete bridge and continue North Umpqua Road and then Basket Buttle Road 2.2 miles to Forest Road 3401. Turn right onto Forest Road 3401 and drive 0.7 miles to a parking area on the left.


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Weather Forecast

10/27 100%
High 58° / Low 46°
Chance of Rain
10/28 80%
Chance of Rain
High 51° / Low 42°
Chance of Rain
10/29 70%
Chance of Rain
High 48° / Low 35°
Partly Cloudy
10/30 20%
Partly Cloudy
High 54° / Low 39°
Chance of Rain
10/31 40%
Chance of Rain
High 54° / Low 42°

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