Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley

The Willamette Valley, Oregon is one of the most scenic places, not only in this state but in the entire US and the world at large. There are many sites in which to spend your worthy time but in order to discover the reasons as to why first-first time visitors would die for a second treat, let us look into some of the valley's major claims to fame.

History of Willamette Valley

The earlier inhabitants of this valley were the Kalapuya tribe of Native Americans. Most of us may not have heard much of these people as many of them succumbed to a 'fever and ague' epidemic that hit the area in the 1830s. After the death of many members of this tribe, the valley attracted new settlers whose main aim was to advance trade with neighboring regions. The settlers opened various trails which served to widen the roads and improve accessibility to various markets.

As a result of these huge settlements, the valley was claimed by the US in 1846 and proceeded to achieve statehood almost 16 years later. The trade that dominated the early years of this valley was that of fur and it is from this trade that emerged some of the wealthiest businessmen who contributed immensely towards its industrialization.

Attractions & Recreational Opportunities

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is one place you must visit if you are in Willamette Valley. Whether you are traveling alone or in groups, the calm and serene environment of this area is just something you cannot miss.

The Silver Falls State Park is one of the places in Willamette Valley where you can create some long-lasting memories. Remember to carry a camera as you take a photo against the thundering cascading waterfalls that characterize this park.

The Willamette Valley is not short of trails and if you are a biker, consider the Willamette River bike trail just where you should be. Traversing most of the region, this trail offers you a rare opportunity to view the scenic beauty of his area while on the move.

There is no other place in the world that offers winery tours with the magical touch that this region does. The tours offer a rare and unique opportunity to sample your best wine flavors as you mingle with the local people.



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